Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we park?

231 Front St. there is parking available in the gated lot across from the Saltwater Grill sign or parking on front street is ok also.  The restaurant lot is park at your own risk could get towed. 

What should we wear or bring for clothing?

I would suggest wearing clothes that can be washed, shoes that can get wet and I would bring a sweatshirt it can get chilly even on sunny days.

How many people can fish on the boat?

We can accomadate 4.   If your a family of 5 or 6 that is completely understandable and we can accommodate those situations.

Do we tip the mate?

Absolutely our mates work for tips.    20% is customary.  We understand that cash is not always on hand.  We can take Venmo or credit cards for tips.

Is there a batroom on the boat?

Yes the boat is equipped with a head.

What time do we leave the dock?

The AM. trip leaves at 8am, the PM. trips leave the dock at 1pm.   The 3/4 and full day trips leave the dock at 8am.

Do we need fishing license's?

No.  Licenses are included in the trip.

Is there a charge for a credit card?

We add 3% to our CC charges.

Do we bring food or drinks and can we bring a cooler?

We supply waters for drinks. If you want to bring a cooler please try to keep it a reasonable size.  Absolutely bring food, snacks, and drinks if you would like to.

Can we bring alcohol?

Boats and beer can go very well together. But we ask that it is kept to a respectful level and if at anytime the captain feels the line is crossed he can end the trip. It is a simple safety issue.

What happens if someone gets seasick?

Unfortunately it happens, my policy has always been the customer who is paying for the trip makes the call.  We will do our best to make you as comfortable as we can.

What is a fuel surcharge ?

Unfortunately, due to the ridiculously high cost of fuel we will be charging a surcharge.   Our policy is to split the cost of the fuel used per trip.    This will be determined at the end of the trip by the captain and will be included in the total cost of the trip.